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So do I need to improve my spelling?  Not really.  When thinking about a name for my business my husband said "make sure it is you, that it captures your style and what your customers are looking for".  And that is how MiStyque was born -  Mita's Style Boutique. So have I demystified Mistyque fully .. not quite!  There is still plenty of charm, elegance and mystique in the collection.

I am a web-programmer by profession but a connoisseur of sartorial elegance at heart.  With a Masters degree in Computer Applications, I have worked in large corporations as well as an independent consultant. In recent years I have been working on web development projects on a freelance basis. My interests include yoga, badminton, music and movies. I cannot resist a good sale and have the knack of picking out the best in any lot.

Mistyque - Mita's Style Boutique

Why Mistyque? Because each item is bought/created with great care and only the best is picked from the huge variety out there. Because there is someone who can help you choose, answer any question, understand your problems and come to the right decision. Because you can shop to your heart's content without burning a hole in your pocket.

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